Es gab mal wieder einen 6GB großen Patch bei Steam, bei dem man sich fragt warum so viel? Ist das Game neu?
Nein, leider nicht lautet die Antwort. Es wurde aber ein großer Patch eingespielt. Generell wurde sich mit dem Basebau und dem Clansystem befasst. Auch ein paar kleine Features der KI sind dazugekommen. Bin sehr gespannt auf dieses Spiel, das doch wirklich mit seiner Grafik punkten kann.

Liste einiger neuen Features:

  • KI reagiert auf Voicechat
  • Neues Gebiet und Gebäude
  • Neue craftbare Gegenstände

Weiteres könnt ihr dem Video und weiter unten den englischen Updatenews entnehmen.

Video zum Patch 27:

Hier die Updatenews im Detail in Englisch:

Server Rental
  • Fixed spelling of „http_password“ in the hosting config file, so you can change it for your server
  • All rented servers running in whitelisted mode will have the phrase “ – Whitelisted Only“ appended to their server name
  • First-person only mode should work correctly
  • wm_TimeScale will now work correctly in the hosting.cfg file
  • Removed support for idle time related variables, temporarily
  • Fixed issue with some rcon services not starting, so people renting servers couldn’t issue commands
  • White flickering when joining another game is fixed
  • Game will no longer start in fullscreen mode to workaround the mouse scaling issue. You can use Alt+Enter to switch after starting the game if you want to run in fullscreen
  • Smoothed out player and AI movement – less jittering now
  • Increased available network IDs, so busy servers should run longer
  • Fixed server hang caused by a bad output message
  • Server browser will no longer display servers that are still starting up and not ready for players to join yet
  • More adjustments and improvements to the weapon lowering/raising system
  • Adjusted player movement speeds when a weapon is raised – lower weapon to run at full speed
  • Using an ironsight is now synchronized over the network
  • Added „focus zoom“ feature – can be used without a weapon also by holding down the right-mouse button
  • Some fixes for head disappearing when scrolling view out
  • Adjusted helper positions for firing, so you can’t shoot through objects really close to you
  • Reduced backpack spawn rates – can easily craft a starting one now
  • Camera interpolation changed so it’s smoother and has less lag
  • Game sounds still continue to play when the game loses focus – keeps looping sounds from being lost
  • Spawn in rotation and rotation of weapons visible on the player have been fixed for most weapons
  • Player corpses shouldn’t float as often and appear in a t-pose as much

All of the four camouflage patterns are now consistent across the various clothing pieces, so you can try to find a complete set, if wanted. The sets are named Woodland, Hunters, Hex, and Desert.

  • Axe added – harvests wood a little better than a Hatchet, does more damage to players
  • Balaclava added – five color variations
  • Wool gloves added – nine color variations
  • Gas mask added
  • Rope added – used in crafting
  • Empty bottle added – used in crafting
  • Craftable horseshoe pack added – works as a backpack – default recipe for everyone
  • Craftable molotov added – can be thrown and explodes – acts more like a grenade for now, but will be improved over time – default recipe for everyone
  • Added several vegetables (seven of them) that will spawn in food related spots – later you will be able to grow them
  • Added four camouflage versions of the puffy jacket
  • Added four camouflage versions of the cargo pants
  • Added four camouflage versions of the head bandana
  • Added new camouflage version of the rugged backpack to be consistent with camouflage patterns
  • Pickaxe changed to a primary slot weapon
  • Added barbed wire coil – used in basebuilding – default recipe for everyone
Base Building
  • Added 2m and 4m barbed wire fence parts
  • New cave added
  • Two new bunkers added
  • Expanded the valley across from Brightmoor that loops around to Woodhaven – Get out and explore the world!
  • Added new fastfood restaurant to the map
  • Can be repaired by hitting them with the Lug Wrench again
  • Suspension adjusted to reduce vehicles randomly bouncing
  • Any vegetation that moves when touched will now make a sound – sounds are still WIP
  • Added ejected shell impact sounds on the ground
  • AI will now be attracted to voice chat in game
  • Altered crouching movement animations so you can no longer peak through walls
  • Improved no weapon/melee jumping animations for sfp
  • Realigned the camera correctly during idle animations for vehicles
  • Heavy landing animation fixed to remove sliding about of character
  • Added head movement to all lowered weapon poses
  • Added new lowered weapon stance to all weapons
  • Fine tuned raised weapon stance for all weapons, including fists
  • Many other changes to stances
  • Adjusted bad normal map on plaster walls
  • Fixed the white car and some trees so they can be harvested for crafting materials
  • Altered color of the default rugged backpack – khaki colored now
  • Tactical keybind renamed to Raise/Lower

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