7days to die Update A11.6 Patch

Hallo Leute,

es gab mal wieder ein kleines Update für 7Daystodie.



  • Fixed a problem that chunks do not draw on clients sometimes. This only affects clients in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a problem that biome spawned zombies sometimes stopped spawning.
  • Fixed fall damage was set too low
  • Fixed several random Broken leg bugs
  • Fixed supply crates and planes not visible in some cases


Kommede Features:
Alpha 12 and Development Status
We know you all can’t wait to get your hands on Alpha 12 and we’re working as hard as we can to deliver it to you. We can’t promise a date yet but we can give you a little more info on what’s being worked on. Folks there’s a lot left off of here as the official change-list is over 15 pages long of additions, improvements and fixes.


  • Our first vehicle the mini bike is going in and it supports quality range, storage and locking. Its going ot be awesome.

New Right Click Action Menu

  • We have spent a lot of time on a new right click menu that supports actions of take, craft, drop, equip, wear, heal, eat, drink, read, examine, scrap split and we’re working on more its contextual per item so it sorts out only supported actions per items.

Level Loot

  • A full balancing pass has been done on leveled loot and yes you can find rare items at level one.

Gun Attachments

  • Our first version of gun attachments is in and it supports flashlight attachments on all firearms except the blunderbuss. Simply place the gun on the output tray and you’ll see where the flashlight goes.

New ragdoll and block physics

  • We’ve added a new custom ragdoll solution which works great on zombies and animals as well as a new blocks physics so blocks tumble and fall and turn into stone or wood rubble.

Quality System 2.0

  • Crossbows, bows, augers, chainsaws and all clothing now have now have quality ranges and we’re working on giving clothing attributes.

Alternate Ammo

  • We’ve added support for alternate ammo and have added stone tipped, iron tip, steel tip and flaming arrows. We’re working out a design for High Velocity rounds so it could make it into A12 as well.


  • We’ve added a bear to the game and it’s pretty terrifying almost as fast as a dog but does more damage. Please don’t feed the bears.

New Sky and Weather

  • We’ve added a new sky system that is really stunning as well as a moon that cycles between a partial moon and gets fuller with 7th day moons being full and red in color dubbed “Blood Moons” to coincide with feral zombie seventh night behaviors. We’re also working on a weather system framework that supports rain, snow, dust storms and more if all goes well you could see it and extreme weather survival soon.

New Graphics options

  • We’ve added motion blur, depth of field, dynamic contrast, tone mapping  and a slew of new and old graphics options controls allowing a wide range of flexibility for users to tune the game for the visual look and performance desired.

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